Here Come The Reds

I thought it was only fitting that my first blog be about the surging RedLegs.  Sitting two and a half games out of first place with 41 games to play, its safe to say the Reds are within striking distance.  Two more home/away series with each of the teams ahead of them left on the schedule leaves the door wide open.  The Reds are currently 4-8 against the Cards ( one could argue that it actually hasn’t been as close as that record represents) and a pedestrian 6-7 against the Pirates.  These next series will decide the season.

Analysis: Some fun facts:

As it turns out, the Reds play poorly against St. Louis.  -37! run differential in 4 series.

The Reds can pitch with anyone.  Top 5 in Quality Starts, ERA, Strike Outs, BAA (Batting Average Against), and Shut Outs.

Mat Latos has to take the bump against the Cards in the playoffs.  2-0 14 SO’s in three starts this year.  There’s no mental block with this guy.

Ryan Ludwick is hitting .000.  This has to be relevant.

The Reds are combined 10-15 against current division leaders Pittsburgh, Atlanta, LAD.

IT:  As we saw last year, if you want to win in the playoffs you need a hot bat, 2 great starters, and an above average bullpen.  The Reds are a lock for two of the three.  So who will it be?  Ludwick can’t possibly look this bad the rest of the year right?  The Frazier “slump” is no longer a slump, he’s a poor major league hitter.  My guess is Devin Mesoraco.  But the question at hand is do the Reds have…”it”.  The easy answer, I’m not sure.  But since I have to choose, no, not currently.  Unfortunately, the eye test and the stats are saying the same thing.  Can the pitching overcome the bats in October?

This team needs a defining moment.  The series against St. Louis in ten days may provide that.  I hope.


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